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I am a location specialist, and I offer a full range of services for creating, managing, and delivering location based solutions.


I will set up a full stack to display any Geospatial information you have and keep it current. My years of experience with open source tools such as PostGIS, Geoserver, and leaflet.js, allow me to understand what can be done to get your team to a solution quickly.

Geospatial ETL

Schema transformation always require specific management and documentation to make sure data is current and correct. I have worked with many different approaches to describing geographic data, especially in the transportation and recreation fields. I can help your team create a streamlined, round-trip solution to ensure data currency and quality.


I believe in the write once, deploy anywhere approach to software. Containerization has allow that to happen on a much larger scale. From Vagrant to Docker, I will assist you in packaging up your applications so that can run in the same environment on development, test, and production. Containerization also makes moving software to the cloud must easier. Many times, containers will be written to always use the latest code, only to have code changes break the deployment. I will also use best practices to ensure your containers do not become outdated.

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Email me at: jim(at)loc8(dot)us
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